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  1. Jesse.. good post. It is so true, we must realize that we are powerless against this addiction. We cannot control it. We must admit that only God can restore us to sanity. The harder we try to stop it, the worse it gets. But the more we surrender to God, the more we find freedom.

  2. Wow! Jesse you are right, This addiction we have is powerful. Our healing is to important to play “grab-bag” with all different types of methods. Worst yet I think is to ignore or even lie to ourselves about its existence in our lives. True healing begins with honesty.

  3. Jesse,

    great post! Your words, “we don’t need this addiction anymore” rang powerfully in my ears. You have given me much freedom thru those words.


  4. Awesome stuff Jesse, it’s nice to hear the words what I feel inside. We have told ourselves so many lies, it’s hard to remember at times that God can make it all right. I appreciate your words of encouragement. I encourage everyone to make a stand to be as honest as you can with yourself and the group.


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