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  1. Hey Jesse,

    You are right as addicts we often do ask GOD why he dose not intervene. In fact that question is part of a lie because if we have belief in him we know he has already intervened on our behalf. In other words God did his part and we must do ours. I thank God for his grace over my life and because of that I do not have to live in condemnation. He gives us time to heal time to be introspective. In order for us to have a successful future we must deal with the past in the present….

  2. Yea that is very true… sometimes it is difficult because we’re so used to medicating our pain with sex right away, so we’re not used to “STAYING IN the pain” instead of escaping. Better to stay in the painful emotions or memories and allow God to come and deal with them, rather than immediately numbing them with sexual activity.

  3. Great point, Chaddo…self-medicating gets us nowhere. It may numb is to the pain, but the catch is that when we numb ourselves to the negative, we numb ourselves to the positive too. So, we just walk around like emotional zombies. That’s no way to live.

    Grace is essential…

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