Thanksgiving WARNING

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

I wanted to make a list of possible triggers that can cause relapse on Thanksgiving. Watch out for these in your life:

-Being out of your normal routine, job, schedule can quickly trigger a downhill spiral. Get up early, exercise, make a list of things to do and schedule some time for journalling.
-Lonliness- If you have recently lost your wife or family due to this addiction, you may be alone, or feel alone on this holiday. Take some time to connect with the Lord for a COUPLE HOURS if you can. Put on worship music and sit in his presence without saying anything. Let him fill you.
-Overeating or drinking alcohol can also put you in an addictive mindset. Decide beforehand how much you are going to eat/drink and stick to it.
-Watching too much TV, or watching TV that has over-sexual commercials peppered throughout. Ask yourself, do I want to watch this bad enough that I’m willing to trigger a relapse?
-If you are going out of town, or staying at someone elses house for the holiday, do they have unmonitored Internet access, or access to porn on cable, or are they located close to an old girlfriend, strip club, gay bar, etc.. PLAN AHEAD. If you do not plan ahead, Mr. Addict inside will plan ahead for you. If you have to avoid spending the night there and just come back home after the meal, DO IT. It is worth avoiding a relapse.
-If you are going to stay with your parents, plan on Mr. Addict bringing up old memories and old patterns. If you can’t handle that, don’t stay there. Or bring a brother with you for a couple days.

Any more Thanksgiving warnings that I’ve missed? Post them in the comments section below

Definition of Relapse

Here is a little formula I use to define relapse. For each addict it is different, depending on each of our specific behavior:

Definition of relapse:

A minimum period of abstinence prior to the relapse (______________) and a return to given levels of use (________________) for a specified time (___________________).

The reason why this formula is important, is that for each addict, a “relapse” may be completely different. Behavior that may be perfectly ok for one addict may be very harmful and sinful for another addict. It has more to do about what is happening inside our heads, than the specific behavior. Obviously there are some moral lines that are clear for all addicts, but for many addicts they must be even more radical than the “obvious” moral lines that most people hold.

What may be “normal behavior” for a non addict could be very harmful for you as an addict because of what is going on inside your head. Pay attention.