Moment of Testing

Read this today in the recovery devotional:

“It is in the moment of testing that we come to know our inner strength. There is no way to know what we will do at that moment of truth. Some of us have survived these moments. Some have fallen before them. There is no preparation but to find faith in God and to serve others in their need.”

I need to have more of this kind of humility and respect for the power of addiction in my own life. It is not something to be overconfident in. We must not flippantly believe we can be lax in our recovery work and still survive. We must constantly be working to prepare for these “moments of testing” through doing the work of recovery: journalling, fellowship, creating/revising our relapse prevention plan, identifying holes in our belief structure that make us vulnurable, meditating on the reality that God gives us in his word.

Doing this work of recovery is the work of “finding faith in God” and strengthening it.

Personal Honesty

The daily reading from “24 Hours a Day” (recovery devotional) says this today:

“This program requires personal honesty. To be honest is often difficult. But it is essential if we are to overcome habits of thought that lead back to turmoil. No one forces us to be honest. It is left to us entirely… only the person who evades the challenge endures the consequences.”

Honesty is so crucial. Hiding our behavior and hiding the turbulent thoughts we are having only leads us deeper into denial and back into our old life. The more detailed we can be in describing our thoughts, feelings, and behavior, the more freedom we will find. Sharing in detail with others who understand addiction leads us to experience acceptance from the others in areas where we most fear rejection. Experiencing acceptance breaks the power of lies we believe about ourselves and God.