Personal Honesty

The daily reading from “24 Hours a Day” (recovery devotional) says this today:

“This program requires personal honesty. To be honest is often difficult. But it is essential if we are to overcome habits of thought that lead back to turmoil. No one forces us to be honest. It is left to us entirely… only the person who evades the challenge endures the consequences.”

Honesty is so crucial. Hiding our behavior and hiding the turbulent thoughts we are having only leads us deeper into denial and back into our old life. The more detailed we can be in describing our thoughts, feelings, and behavior, the more freedom we will find. Sharing in detail with others who understand addiction leads us to experience acceptance from the others in areas where we most fear rejection. Experiencing acceptance breaks the power of lies we believe about ourselves and God.

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One thought on “Personal Honesty”

  1. Hey Chaddo,

    I think you’re right when it comes to this posting on honesty. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that sharing honestly and sharing details brings healing.

    I am sure that we can agree that we need to identify “safe” people and “safe” places where we can share this way. In my own situation I first identified a place (small group) where I could share and be accepted. Next I found a samll group of men with whom I could confide in and God honored those two things.

    God met me where I was and slowly grew me and lovingly streached me to a point where I could share my addiction openly at a well attended celebration at my church. Wow, God had to really bring healing inot my life for me to be able to do that. It began with sharing honestly and in sharing details.


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