4 thoughts on “Deceitful Desires”

  1. Hi Chado,

    One of the best messages I have heard in church in a long long time. I not only learned more practical advice and how to my own life as an S/A guy but I can pass this along to other people who are not addicts. anyone can lisyen and benefit.

    We as addicts really need to do this because I know firts hand, we “numb out” and learn to diconnect from our feelings. Great job on helping me to do some of this stuff. it’s good for a beginner and for ongoing maintenance.


  2. Hi Chado,
    I thought this was very insight for and has applications to our aspects of our lives. I would like to add an additional comment. This morning on WMBI I heard someone talking about transforming our minds. The interesting fact that came out of all of this, was that first we have to have a transformed heart. Maybe this is a given for some. This is very true, however, since one can participate in a recovery group but if the heart is not in it, it then becomes a waste of time. So we have to desire a change which is also akin to “repentance” which means basically “to change.” So we need a changed heart first before we have a changed mind.

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