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  1. As an older man in church, I often get approached by younger men sharing their marital problems. I often inform them that I am not a marital counselor and refer them to professionals for help when needed. However my most recent encounters with men that have committed adultery has led me to explore “forgiveness.” The Lord knows immediately whether one is repentant or not but how does a person genuinely discern forgiveness. On forgiveness for adultery, let’s take one step back. How does one sense that a person is truly repentant? The following two verses loudly ring out. 2 COR 7:10, “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret but worldly sorrow brings death.” Also, Matt 3:8,”Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.” Unfortunately, there’s a lot of talk on the men’s part, with no witness of godly sorrow nor no evidence of true fruits. Wives are unwittedly waiting to witness these signs through their husbands’ actions. When wives fail to see these signs, it impacts their attitudes at post forgiveness toward their husbands during the healing process; hence, a tough and long arduous road to recovery ensues which could eventually lead to bad cyclical behavior. In other words, no real improvement and back to square one, with worsening effects on the marriage.

  2. Chaddo,

    I love this post. You have once again given us good tool for the addict. We as addicts have for so long nto beenable too feel our emotions. WE have “numbed out” for so long, that I can undersatnd something like this topic coming up at group. We may even understand, intellectually, the Biblical principles and still miss a lot. This chart is easy and is truly a good “tool’ for the addcit.

  3. The part I love about it is that it talks about vacillations of emotion being an indicator of true forgiveness, which is true. It means you’re really processing and working through it instead of just faking forgiveness.

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