First Sex Addiction Conference Call

I’ll be holding the first sexual addiction conference call on Thursday, November 1. I hope to run these conference calls once per week on Thursdays at 730pm-830pm central time (830 eastern). Anyone who is a sex addict is welcome (we usually use the SAST to help identify sex addiction, if you aren’t sure, take this test:

The goal of this call is to be a virtual support group, similar to the groups we run here in Chicago. It will be a place to share about your struggles, get help with your addiction, and help others as well. The conference call will be an open conversation, where everyone who calls in to the hotline will be able to hear everyone else, ask questions, and give feedback. We may have as many as 15-20 on the call at one time, or as few as 3 or 4.

If you are not on our email list and would like to participate in the conference call on Thursday, please leave a comment here with your email address and I’ll email you the phone number and access code for the call.

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