3 thoughts on “Message From Jesse”

  1. “God doesn’t compartmentalize… we need to bring all those parts together, find healing, and ultimately be present…”

    Very powerful. This is so crucial, to cut out the alibi’s, the different faces I present to different people, the different sides of chad that are all fragment and disjointed. Live in truth.

  2. Jesse,

    Good posting, great question: what maintains my sexual addiction? I think it is definately the emotional component. When I subcontiously or “automatically” disconnect from reality due to the pressure from my emotions.

    I try to “stay in the present” and not run to my fantasy by practicing simple excersises. I try to slow down all my physical activities and focus on my breathing. If I am able to recognize my fantasy thinking (takes practice)I remind myself “It is not that woman I desire…I desire that woman’s parts”. It sounds weird, but this effectively breaks the fantasy because It brings in brutal truth. I don’t know how or why it works…it just does work for me.


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