5 thoughts on “Sex Addiction And The Matrix”

  1. i like how the real world keeps intruding in on his fantasy. as much as he wants to believe his body is whole, as much as he tries to fill himself with fantasy food and drink, the real needs of his real body persist in harassing him.

    our real emotional needs persist in harassing us, no matter how we try to fill them with false intimacy, false acceptance, and false love.

  2. Chaddo,

    This is a great way to explain to the new person why focusing on stopping, as much sense as it seems to make, does not work.

    My addiction had me so very deep in denial and blind that I could not see that drinking from that glass of water (S/A) I thought was there but was not really there. It was a mirage.

    Recovery helped to to remove the blinders and understand that I had a legitimate God given need I was trying to fill illigitimately. The addiction wanted to keep me right wher I was at and that is part of the trap.

    – Julian

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