3 thoughts on “Back to Basics: A Crucial Recovery Skill”

  1. Dear Chaddo and Jesse.

    Good site. I didn’t find you email address, so I am asking this on a comment. I am a professional counselor, a Christian and have worked with sexual addiction, both personally and professionally. I think the Connecting the Dots handout is great. What a great tool. I have sponsored people and now am passing it along. Who should I give credit to? I also want to post it on my site, http://www.erikbohlin.net I also added a row for “SHAME” which I think is another key feeling. I turned it into a fill-in-able form in Word. If you would like me to send it to you let me know what you think.

    Take care and you are doing a good work.

    Erik B.

  2. Have you ever heard of Tropical Oasis treatment Center in Costa Rica? They have a great program for Sex addiction, take it from me. They deal with all other types of addictions as well

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