4 thoughts on “How Sexual Addiction Destroys Your Life”

  1. Are you still participating in the conference calls? I would love to participate. This blog has done me so much good. Thanks.


  2. some additional resources to consider are:

    1) 12 Step Groups that deal with Sexual Addiction:
    a) SA – Sexaholics Anonymous,
    b) SLAA – Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous,
    c) SAA – Sex Addicts Anonymous

    each of these was created in the USA by a man who became sober in AA, and then found an underlying obsessive compulsive disorder.

    By the way AA, in its written Step 4 work examines sexual acting out I am told.

    2) Reading materials: Patrick Carnes “Out of the Shadows” written in 1988, and his challenging workbook “Facing the Shadow”.

    3) There are various web sites which may be helpful. One which is interesting is http://www.recoverynation.com

    Take care. Be well.

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