Weekly Conference Calls Canceled (Unless…)

Some changes
are taking place with the weekly
sx addiction conference call.

My wife and I have another recovery program
(celebrate recovery)
on Thursday nights.

We really want to get involved
in this together, so I’m going to stop the Thursday
night conference calls.


You would like to be the facilitator of these

1. Requires weekly committment to be on the
conf call.
2. Requires significant progress in your
recovery (you don’t have to be relapse
free, but you need to have a basic
understanding of recovery)
3. Requires coming up with a thought
provoking question to discuss for the
each week’s conf call that will help
the guys calling in to open up and share.

Post a comment here and let me know
if you’re interested.

Tonight’s call is canceled.

P.S. Its been great doing these calls
and a real help for me personally as well.
I’d love to see them keep going, but I really
need to invest more in my wife and I’s
recovery together so I’m shifting my priorities…