Shame Drives Your Sexual Addiction

I had my support group do this exercise a couple weeks ago.

It helps to combat the power of shame in our lives.

Try it! Becoming aware of shame based messages that we feed ourselves constantly is the first step to becoming free.

Many of these messages are repeated below the level of consciousness, but they destroy our self esteem and then we run to sex for escape. Can you relate to any of these?

(From “Letting Go of Shame” Page 115)

sex addiction

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2 thoughts on “Shame Drives Your Sexual Addiction”

  1. Why do you know that much truth and why is it that no therapist in Holland, with an university degree, knows nothing about that topic.
    Okay, sex addiction will be recognized among men, but nobody in Holland will ever recognize that women can suffer too from sex addiction. I mean anonymous sex addiction, that is the flip side of sexual anorexia. In my marriage the last years my wife is getting anonymous sexual addicted, while in our marriage she is anorexia. Now, I do not want to fight with her anymore about that and so I will sometimes also have some affairs outside our marriage. But it does not make me happy, because the real intimacy in my marriage is more important to me. A stupid idea, that we both have affairs outside our marriage, while we could better have a real affair with intimacy together. But a divorce would be a pity for our children, I really love.
    Anyway, when I would go to a therapist in Holland, they would say this is the best solution !!

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