The Addictive Cycle – PAIN

If you are struggling with a sexual addiction, you need to understand your addictive cycle. This is a quick  video about the first step in the cycle, how your PAIN relates to your sexual addiction.

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5 thoughts on “The Addictive Cycle – PAIN”

  1. Seth,

    Thanks for posting this simple and clear teaching on the jornaling sheets. What you stated in the video was so right on. If we take the time to do the sheets, we can see the direct link between out addiction and our pain My experience was this: I had no clue to whuy I acted out. Once I did about about 12 these sheets, its became as clear as crystal to me. This was the begining to my journey of peruing healing and recovery.

    Thanks again for the teaching. I know this was helpful to me and will be a great tool for anybody who follows the journaling sheets.

    1. In the upper left you’ll see “Click Here to Watch The Introductory Videos”. Click on that link – you’ll find the sheets available there.

  2. Thanks for sharing this video! Because sex addiction andlove addiction are somehow intertwined, I know this teaching would be a great help not just for me but to a lot of people who suffer from this addictions. Thanks again!

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