Sex Addiction Therapy – Watching Your Moods

Today in my Recovery Journal 24 Hours A Day for Everyone I read: “Mind changing chemicals are poison to the addict. Mind changing moods are just as deadly to others.”

Watch out for extreme highs and extreme lows in your life. These are danger signs that relapse is coming. If you are feeling extremely heightened moods, it is often followed by a feeling of entitlement: “This is a time of celebration! I should act out sexually, I deserve it! Celebrate!” On the opposite end, extremely low moods are followed by intense desires to escape “If I could just act out sexually I would feel so much better and I wouldn’t be so depressed.”

Keep it steady. Celebrate healthily but don’t get too hyped up. If you are feeling down, get your needs met in healthy ways but don’t escape.

Mind changing moods can cause our balance to get off kilter. We are much more susceptible to relapse when our mood is extreme, whether it be high or low.