Sexual Addiction Resources for Munich, Germany, and Beyond

Last month my family and I were in Germany, mostly Munich.

While in Munich I found the following resources for sex addiction recovery in Germany:

Munich / München / Muenchen

Homosexuals anonymous group:

Infos unter Tel.: 089-78018960
Email: klicke hier
Treffen in der Regel wöchentlich (Freitags 18 Uhr – ca. 20 Uhr).

There are many Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) Meetings in Munich.

SLAA is a bit different, focuses more on addictive relationships with a sexual element, but if you have issues with porn/prostitutes/masturbation etc you will find fellowship and help here as well:

To locate the meetings, go to the following URL and scroll down to München

Also, I believe there is a SAA meeting (Sexaholics Anonymous) in Munich, but I was unable to get a hold of them to confirm it:

SAA und COSA Sex-Addicts anonymous und Angehörige
C/o Himmelfahrtskirche Kidlerstr. 15
81371 München

There are also meetings in Frankfurt and in Bonn

More info about the Bonn Group:

Or, Electronic/Telephone based meetings all over the world:

There is a great Christian Recovery Group in Bonn, called Celebrate Recovery:

hier gibts deise kirche die hat die programm, “leben finden”

Diese website hat auch gute Informationen von diesem Programm (videos, etc…)

and here is the leaders guide:
und fur teilnehmer:

Also, I’ve been emailing back and forth with a guy who runs the following website:

He has been in recovery for many years and really knows his stuff. He has put together a program on his website that you can complete online. There’s also an online forum where you can seek help.

Self-Sex Addiction Therapy — What Do You Need Right Now?

I read today in the AA recovery daily reading (24 hours a day):

When we come into A.A., looking for a way out of drinking, we really need a lot more than that. We need fellowship. We need to get the things that are troubling us out into the open…. We need a new strength beyond ourselves that will help us face life instead of running away from it….Have I found the things that I need?

This is so true. We get into recovery because we want to stop our sexual behaviour. But we really need so much more than that. The sexual behavior is just the surface of the issue, the real problems go much deeper.

Focusing on what we need (healthy needs) and seeking healthy ways to get those needs met is a huge part of becoming healthy, as well as moving out of constant relapse into sobreity.

Think about it. What do you need today? Look deeper than the sexual needs. Do you need companionship? Do you need affirmation? Do you need a listening ear? Do you need rest?

If you look, God has provided for you, ways to get these needs met in healthy ways. Reach out. Receive. Grow.