Holidays and Sex Addiction Recovery


  • Identify threats to your sobriety and make a plan to deal with them.
  • Dailly contact with recovery support system.
  • Have a plan for unstructured time. Better yet, make a plan for each day.
  • Watch out for pre-trip and post trip emotional fallout as well.
  • Find additional recovery meetings to attend if possible.
  • Take healthy steps in your relationships.

Now, think about how your recovery journey was affected by your holiday and family activities, and write down items for the following two categories:

1) I’m glad I did this and I need to remember to do it again:

2) I wish I would have:

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One thought on “Holidays and Sex Addiction Recovery”

  1. These are good and thoughtful tips to help during the holidays and for trips in general. When staying in a hotel alone the first thing I do is unplug the TV and make sure it stays unplugged the whole time. That seems to help me.

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