-Safety is a basic human need. So crucial that the scripture repeatedly tells us to protect those who are unable to provide for their own safety and survival. It is so core, it gets down to the very core of the value of a human life. I believe God has put a fear response inside us because our life, our survival, is so valuable to him. Even self preservation on a basic spiritual level

Matt 16:26: what good will it be if a man gains the whole world and loses his soul. What can a man give in exchange for his soul?

all the wealth of the world is not more valuable than a single human soul.

Gen 9:6:
whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God has God made man.

God connects the value of a single life all the way back to his own image and his own self. In fact, he valued life so greatly that he gave his own to keep ours from being destroyed.

So ultimately, no matter what happens on earth, everyone has a chance to keep their own soul from being trapped in eternal death.

This is a basic human need, the need for safety, self preservation. It is God given, built into each person.

-Fear is the result of a threat to this need on some level. It could be more abstract, in the case of anxiety, inability to ensure safety from rejection, loss, hardship. But the hardest thing about safety threats (even threats to safety from abstract suffering) is a loss of control. Loss of a choice. (I’ll talk about this in a second)

But the fear response is designed to be triggered from threats to our survival. Very powerful, overcomes all other functioning.

One of the best ways to deal with fear is to find ways to remind yourself that you have a choice. (candy bar in pocket, grabbing keys)

extreme examples are where kids are lost in a world of organizing things, to help them feel like they have a choice. and adults lose control of this with all sorts of things (OCD, controlling sexual fantasies, or even just sex fantasy being a place where all relationships are totally in our control, etc..)

Important: GOD’S INTENT IS FOR YOU TO LIVE A LIFE FREE FROM FEAR, A LIFE OF SAFETY. But he does not promise physical safety. He does not promise a life free of suffering.

He only promises his presence. But this is the very thing that we doubt, does God really want to be close to me? Will he really never leave or abandon me? Will he be there, protecting my heart? For me, the fact that he built in a need for safety and self value is a big proof of his heart for me, his care for me. That he doesn’t just humor me, or put up with me, or begrudgingly give to me.

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