Question about the Journal From {name withheld}

I received an email about the videos that I thought was an excellent question, so I wanted to answer it below.

The question is about the journaling worksheet.

“After you state why your feeling this way, it would be nice to also include an action step, as to how we are going to resolve the current feels i.e. reading the word, calling your accountability
partner, group etc…”

Great question:

1. One essential action step is to connect with God in the midst of those feelings. He wants to heal you. He wants to reassure you of his love. He wants to meet the emotional needs that you are seeking to get met through your addiction. The negative feelings that you are exposing in the worksheets are the feelings that usually drive you to act out sexually. Allowing God to speak to you and connect with you regarding those feelings is a HUGE part of recovery and freedom.

2. Given this truth, it is important to remember that the goal isn’t necessarily to escape the feelings. As addicts, we’ve lived our lives trying to stay as far from emotional pain as possible, and we’ve escaped the pain through sex, emotional withdrawal, and other addictions. When we start to experience pain it is tempting to try to escape it, and to get frustrated with God when he doesn’t immediately give you a feeling of painlessness after you journal and pray.

3. Final crucial point: Part of the process of the first few weeks of journaling is to create your relapse prevention plan. After you have about 14-20 worksheets finished, download the relapse prevention plan document (see the link to the left for the videos, it is on that same page). Use your worksheets to create your relapse prevention plan. That plan will contain the action steps that you are going to take when various feelings/warning signals begin to pop up in your life.

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